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Communicating in the early stages of a company is quite difficult. Most entrepreneurs would settle for “manage the noise in the midst of the chaos.” Think of all the email, text messages and other communications that fly back and forth throughout the day. Not only is it hard to keep track of it all. It is even more difficult to make sure that the information and messages that are coming through are consistent with the messages you want to portray. While communication may not be at the top of your list, it certainly affects everything you do. Companies that communicate well have a much better chance for success.

The perspectives in this course help you be clear, concise and efficient in communicating. We offer perspectives on how to improve your communication so your organization and its constituents stay informed and aligned.

This course shows how to "communicate" by learning how to:

  • use simple techniques and processes to simplify communication and eliminate wasted effort
  • efficiently keep everyone on the same page
  • simplify and shorten communication
  • develop the skills to communicate effectively with your audience
  • avoid the communications that can set your organization back
  • understand how a leader's communication affects the whole organization
  • use stories to bring clarity to various situations