We live in a world of constant sensory overload. And competition is everywhere. You can work day and night but if you don't have a product or service that "stands out from the crowd", it's hard to create a successful business. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Many entrepreneurs think it is by creating a great product or service. But in reality, many great products and services get lost. Why? Because we live in a world of clutter. How you position your product or service is just as important than the product or service itself.

Your perspective must be to find a market, or a way to market, that makes your product or service shine. Where can you be the only game in town? This course will help you find your unique place in the world in the eyes of customers.

This course shows how to "develop your unique product or service" by learning how to:

  • position your offering so you are the only game in town
  • spend as much time on positioning as you do on making your product perfect
  • focus on a customer where you can win
  • identify your unique value proposition
  • use positioning strategies that set you apart
  • avoid chasing customers that are not in your target market