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The investment process can be like being transported to a parallel universe. Not only must you understand the process, but you must deal with someone poking and prodding your baby. It’s like walking into a doctor’s office and having a full body scan. Or perhaps more accurately, an enema.

Even though having capital is essential to growing your business, the process seems like a distraction from the business. In addition, you feel like the investor not only holds the money, but all the cards. Finally, your baby is being evaluated. It’s like the mailman coming into your home and asking you, “why do you dress your baby in pink?” In this course, we arm with you the perspectives not only to take on the process but to influence the process to your benefit. Without it, you will feel like you have been dropped on another planet.

This course shows how to optimize your chance for investment by learning how to:

  • understand the different types of investment and investors
  • think about valuation of your company
  • understand what investors look for
  • establish standard materials and a process you follow every time
  • communicate messages to investors that give you the best chance of success
  • manage the sensitivity you have to someone criticizing your baby
  • use outside resources to help you