Whether you wanted the job or not, congratulations, you have been promoted to CEO. Even though your passion may be focused on the product or service you deliver, you must lead the company. Even if you don’t want the job, it’s yours. Employees, customers, vendors, advisors and investors will all expect you as the entrepreneur to lead. Whether you wanted the job or not, you have to lead.

This may feel natural to some and unnatural to others. Either way, it is a great opportuntiy both for your company and for you personally. Your company needs - and expects - you to set the tone. Without that leadership, even great ideas can fail. And for you personally, the ability to grow from "creating a product or service" to "leading a company" is a transformation that will serve you for years to come.

You thought there would be a party when you became CEO. Just like when you became the entrepreneur, no one handed you a membership card. Same with being CEO. Even if you don’t want the CEO title, you must run the show.

This course shows how to "lead the company" by learning how to:

  • control emotions and be thoughtful and deliberate
  • avoid the behaviors that make employees, investors and customers doubt you and your company
  • accept that you are always being watched and your actions set the tone for everything
  • embrace the humility and opportunity to become a leader
  • make decisions in the best interest of the business