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There is no reason for all of us to go to law school. That being said, in developing your business, it is important to understand some of the legal basics that can keep you moving forward. You can't learn it all, but you should be aware of the legal issues that typically arise in young businesses. At some point, you can turn to lawyers for some free advice or get a lawyer on your advisory board. And you will likely need to hire a lawyer for things as your business evolves. In the meantime, this course is designed to show you some of the basics to keep in mind when growing your business.

This course shows how to "manage legal issues" by learning how to:

  • understand the basic legal issues that commonly arise
  • solve the legal issues you are likely to face
  • decide how and when to use the different legal resources at your disposal
  • use standard agreements and tools to deal with some legal issues
  • put in place some basic legal agreements you need to run your business