The daily life of the entrepreneur can be overwhelming. You work all day. There is no personal life and business life - it is all the same. You need perspective on how to stay on task and keep yourself going in the right direction. It is natural to think about the hundreds of things that you have to do. It is natural to think that sleep and social activities are luxuries you can’t afford. It is natural to get distracted by the many things you aren’t doing versus the ones you set out to do. These perspectives detract from staying focused on the most important things or the tasks at hand. In addition, they cause us to expend emotional energy on the state of your life at the least opportune times. There is a time and place to focus, to get distracted, and to evaluate your life.

This course shows how to "manage yourself" by learning how to:

  • know where you need help
  • focus on the tasks of the day
  • avoid distraction by the many things you are not getting to
  • be more efficient with your time with a few simple techniques
  • evaluate your happiness at the right times
  • understand the importance of a "release" from the pressure
  • know how to trust