How to Bring Your Unique Idea to The Market

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Many entrepreneurs think that marketing is picking the right tactics - such as social media or advertising - to drive sales. While the tactics are important, it is equally important to understand your target customer and focus your brand and tactics on that customer. Would you sell flowers that smell great via social media or through in person events? Once you know your target customer and what they want, you can execute on the tactics that drive results. This includes setting goals and metrics (e,.g., 10 new leads per week) and then choosing the tactics to drive those goals.

Great marketing helps you cut through the clutter that most buyers live in every day. Good marketing not only uses the right tactics, but ensures that your message is unique and is designed specifically for your target customer.

This course shows how to "market" by learning how to:

  • identify your target customer and their needs
  • create a message that sets you apart
  • select and optimize the tactics you use to reach potential customers
  • set up and use social media
  • establish how you want your brand to be perceived
  • stay on top of the latest B2B, B2C and digital marketing trends
  • market to consumers versus marketing to businesses