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When we are sitting at Thanksgiving dinner in our homes, we think it is only our family that is screwy. All entrepreneurs have a dysfunctional family that must be hired, managed, aligned and inspired. Once you have a great team of people, you can do great things. But in the beginning, you often can’t hire the best. You must find ways to get the best people you can and to optimize their performance. Hiring, managing and driving performance is as important as the features of your product or service. Your people may not be ideal, but they will hold your success in their hands.
The perspectives in this course help you make the best of your people. How do you make the best of your hires, drive performance and keep your team focused, motivated and aligned? We often forget how hard it is for people to come in and babysit our baby. When they do, use these perspectives to make the most of how you get it done.
This course shows how to optimize your people by learning how to:
  • establish the values that set the tone for your company
  • treat hiring not as a "gut feeling" but a skill you must master
  • drive the most performance out of your scarce resources
  • hold your team accountable
  • understand how the nature of the entrepreneurial environment impacts you and your people
  • eliminate the behaviors and communications that deflate your team
  • build compensation plan that works for you and for your people