If you ask seasoned sales professionals whether sales is an art or a science, they are likely to say a little of both. However, without the science, it is difficult for an organization to consistently perform against expectations. To do so, entrepreneurs should understand the building blocks of a good sales organization including picking a target market, developing a "pipeline" of opportunities, hiring right and putting in place the building blocks of a good sales organization. Whether it is just you, or a team of twenty, whether you are selling to individuals or businesses, these time tested tools drive sales of your product. Building a good process, even it is just for yourself, will help you "sell" more effectively and allow you to focus on how your offering gets your customer what he, she or it wants.

This course shows how to "sell" by learning to:

  • create a message that stands out
  • focus on your customer's needs (and not yours)
  • create a standard sales process
  • develop sales materials that can be used over and over- manage a pipeline of opportunities toward your sales goals
  • hire the right talent for your product or service
  • arm yourself or your team with the tools for success