With the wrong perspective, your day feels like plugging holes in the dam with your fingers, then your toes and then your tongue. You always feel like you are running on a treadmill that keeps going faster and further out of control. Even though you were not formally trained as one, almost every day you feel like a juggler. Without a proactive effort on your part to control the business, it will control you. When this happens, it makes it difficult to focus on priorities, keep moving forward and make progress. Wouldn’t you like say to yourself, “A productive day for me is when I’m falling asleep, thinking, ‘Today, I had full control of my work — it didn’t control me.“

This course shows how to "manage the business" by learning how to:

  • create your vision, mission and values
  • create a plan for the business
  • set the goals and objectives for the company
  • set a plan (financial and operating) that guides your efforts
  • establish the priorities of the company
  • make sure that your efforts are directed to your plan and priorities
  • create the processes to help you run the business